Are black maternity dresses always best to flatter your bump?

The general stylist wisdom is that black flatters any silhouette whether you be slim, a little rounder or pregnant. A beautiful black dress certainly creates clean lines and a timeless, elegant look. It also allows you to disappear into the crowd and hide away your bump. I think a large proportion of us feel safer sticking to black, especially for work.

What if pregnancy were a great reason to change this? Your shape is changing, your outlook on certain things may also be changing so why not add something different to your wardrobe? Be brave, go for some maternity dresses that are not black. Celebrate your changing figure and show it off!

All of the maternity brands we stock design their maternity dresses to come in a range of bright colours as well as black. It has at last been recognised that pregnancy is a time when lots of ladies still want to wear the same bright colours that they wore pre-pregnancy. Some may even see it as a time to throw caution to the wind and wear a colour that they have never worn before. You may find that a new colour flatters your pregnant glow.


Cool Tones – these are ladies with either pale or dark skin with blue or pink undertones. Bright, bold colours will bring out these undertones and show off your skin to the best effect. Don’t be afraid to go bold with solid primaries and pastels.

Warm Tones – these ladies tend to have deeper, richer undertones of golds and yellows. Earthy tones such as browns, greens, reds and oranges really suit your skin.

So, have a think: is it blue, red or pink!

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