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The Perfect Pregnancy Little Black Dress

No woman’s wardrobe is complete without a little black dress, & this one from Bumpalicious Maternity is the perfect option for pregnancy and ticks all the boxes in terms of style and comfort as we head into the Christmas party season.

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to miss out on looking glamorous over the festive season and our black lace Neave dress is certainly a show stopper. That’s why from now until January it is our ‘Style Steal’ and is reduced from £95 to just £35!!!

That’s right you can have an on trend, dazzling and sexy head-turning dress which is perfect for New Year’s Eve for under £40.  At Bumpalicious Maternity we don’t believe that being pregnant should mean you have to compromise on style and high street trends and this dress oozes confidence and class and also comes with a detachable jet black satin sash which really does flatter your shape and allows you to easily change your look.  Add in some heels (if your due date allows) and some statement accessories and you will be ready to party the night away.

At this price our perfect pregnancy little black dress is bound to sell out so make sure you grab yours quick.  Don’t forget we offer next day delivery on our purchases and if you do wear our dresses out this Christmas don’t forget to tweet us your pictures with the tag #dressyourbump

perfect party dresses for pregnant mums

Top Maternity Partywear for a Christmas Pregnancy

Christmas pregnancy fashion tipsTinsel, trees, twinkly lights, Christmas is our favourite season here at Bumpalicious Maternity and a great time of year to be pregnant. The obvious parallels with the Christmas story aside, it’s party season and a beautiful bump is the ultimate accessory and there is some beautiful maternity partywear around this Christmas. Continue reading

Top Tips to Stay Glowing During Pregnancy

keeping your pregnancy glowPregnancy isn’t easy no matter what your lifestyle.  Even celebrities go through the same emotions and body changes that every other ‘mum to be’ faces and it can be a challenging time.  The demands pregnancy places on your body can make you feel fabulous one moment and ‘frumpy’
the next.  So how can you keep feeling and looking great over the next 9 months?  Here are some of our favourite tips to help you stay glowing during pregnancy.
Continue reading

Mr Trump, our babies and hope

It’s a strange world at the moment and I’ve never used the is blog before to comment politically, socially or otherwise but I spent this morning with lots of mums and babies in my yoga classes and they were all concerned about the World their little one’s will inherit. The election of Donald Trump was not what we expected.

What have we done? How will this affect their future? Why are people voting this way?

Clearly, we live in changing and divided times. Our world feels broken but together we can heal it. It may take a generation or two but it can be mended. All we can do is focus on our own values, cherish our babies and teach then to live by the values we hold. Respect your fellow man, woman and child. More importantly, listen to them. Every voice deserves to be heard. That voice may be different to yours but every opinion is valid. Only by listening can we work together to fix what feels broken.

Our babies show us that the world is still full of joy, beauty and hope!


Five of the Best Pregnancy and Birth Books

22You’ve done the pregnancy test, perhaps several times to be sure and it’s starting to sink in that yes, it’s true, you really are expecting a baby! Cue: popping corks, hugs, tears, general hysteria and happiness. The journey over the next 9 months will amazing, tiring, possibly anxious at times and information on what to expect will be at an all-time premium.  The good news is that there are abundant sources of advice and support about pregnancy and birth from your mum to Mumsnet, to random strangers at the bus stop. But nothing beats curling up with a good book that reassuringly sets out how your body will change, what equipment you need and – our favourite at Bumpalicious Maternity, what baby looks like at different stages of development. Here are five of our favourite pregnancy and birth books to be getting on with. Continue reading

Six Pros and Cons of Returning to Work after Maternity Leave

pros and cons of being a working mumWhen it comes to life-after-bump decisions, whether or not to return to work after maternity leave is likely to be front of mind for most mums and their partners. For many, family finances and/or a commitment to their career means returning to work is a no-brainer. For others, the cost of childcare or simply a desire to focus on the family means they have already decided to give up their jobs once the baby arrives. If you’re fortunate enough to have a choice, how do you go about deciding what to do? Continue reading

Top Tips for Babyproofing your home


keeping your baby safe at homeIt’s not an issue whilst your little one remains in the same place as you put them but as soon as they’re on the move you need to turn your attention to the best ways of babyproofing your home.  If you are Beyoncé this extends to babyproofing backstage. For those of us not on tour here are our top five tips for keeping your baby and toddler safe at home. Continue reading