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Top Tips to Stay Glowing During Pregnancy

keeping your pregnancy glowPregnancy isn’t easy no matter what your lifestyle.  Even celebrities go through the same emotions and body changes that every other ‘mum to be’ faces and it can be a challenging time.  The demands pregnancy places on your body can make you feel fabulous one moment and ‘frumpy’
the next.  So how can you keep feeling and looking great over the next 9 months?  Here are some of our favourite tips to help you stay glowing during pregnancy.
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Five of the Best Pregnancy and Birth Books

22You’ve done the pregnancy test, perhaps several times to be sure and it’s starting to sink in that yes, it’s true, you really are expecting a baby! Cue: popping corks, hugs, tears, general hysteria and happiness. The journey over the next 9 months will amazing, tiring, possibly anxious at times and information on what to expect will be at an all-time premium.  The good news is that there are abundant sources of advice and support about pregnancy and birth from your mum to Mumsnet, to random strangers at the bus stop. But nothing beats curling up with a good book that reassuringly sets out how your body will change, what equipment you need and – our favourite at Bumpalicious Maternity, what baby looks like at different stages of development. Here are five of our favourite pregnancy and birth books to be getting on with. Continue reading

World Breastfeeding Week

Word Breastfeeding WeekFirst of all, please let me say that however you feed your baby is best; bottle or  breast. It’s just important that they are fed. Any feeding whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding helps you to bond with your baby and helps them to grow and thrive.

It’s World Breastfeeding Week this week

The theme this year is to raise awareness of the links between breastfeeding and sustainable development;

“By recognising that breastfeeding is a key to sustainable development, we will value our wellbeing from the start of life, respect each other and care for the world we share.” (

So, I thought I’d look at breastfeeding from this point of view. Here are some great facts to ponder:

Breast milk is a “natural, renewable food” that is environmentally safe and produced and delivered to the consumer (your gorgeous baby) without pollution, packaging or waste.

It is estimated that more than 400 litres of water is needed to produce 1kg of breast milk substitute powder.

Breastfeeding helps the transition to a low-carbon economy from one based on fossil fuels. No electricity is needed to produce it (other than your trusty electric breast pump to get it out!) and it requires no fuel for transport thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Breastfeeding reduces the need for water, firewood and fossil fuels in the home.

Scarce resources in some parts of the World.

Breastfeeding produces less waste than formula feeding. Waste pollutes the seas and affects marine life.

Formula production generates Greenhouse gas emissions which accelerate global warming.

If you do breastfeed; that is amazing. If you don’t breastfeed; that is amazing too!




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