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It’s not all maternity dresses. There’s yoga and new mummies too!

c9c35b62403b3cfcfda203556688e64eAs well as living in a world of maternity dresses, I also spend a big chunks of my week teaching yoga to pregnant ladies, new mums and their beautiful babies. It’s a real privilege to meet ladies during their pregnancy and to be a part of their journey into motherhood. For some, it’s a breeze. For others, becoming a new mum can be pretty tough, especially the first few weeks.

My eldest daughter, Grace, is now 13 but I still remember (very clearly), feeling as though my life had been turned upside down when she arrived; upside down in every way!

I’m a pretty organised “have it all written on a list” kind of person. Well, my orderly, routined life went out of the window. I found it hard to adjust to there being no pattern in my days and I had high expectations of the kind of mum I needed to be. That wasn’t good for either myself or Grace.

When Neave came along four years later, I was much kinder to myself. Doing one thing a day was enough.

I had no lists, I spent time just “being” with the girls and more time with other mums and babies. I tried to make it more fun as it made me feel less anxious and I smiled more. We were all fed, clothed and in the right place at just about the right time. Yes, the house was far from perfectly tidy and tea was often a random combination of whatever we had in the house at the time but I was a much more balanced mum and wife. I just felt happier with myself.

db2af83026da28abf7f7e30f4cad95c5I am always telling the ladies in my classes that they are all doing a wonderful job at being a new mum and to be kind to themselves whenever they can; even if that means something as simple as sitting down on their own for five minutes a day, closing their eyes and taking some long relaxing breaths. It’s almost as good as a power nap!

Another one of my favourite things is to remind them that that are each being absolutely the best mum they can be at any given moment. Motherhood isn’t always easy. We are all learning as we go.

Mummies; you know who you are and you know that I think you are AWESOME!!

Second Pregnancy, working and prenatal yoga!

I thought I’d share this lovely post that my gorgeous friend, Michelle, wrote about her second pregnancy:

Hi All,

I can’t believe that I’m entering into my 3rd trimester already, I must say the last 6 months has flown by.

I’ve been so lucky this time around with no major problems, unlike my first pregnancy. Photographing newborn babies is not the easiest job in the world to do when you are pregnant and it is even harder if you are suffering from any pregnancy related illness. I’ve been very lucky this time around. I always work with an assistant anyway, but this time I’ve had my husband assisting me since I fell pregnant. He has been a diamond looking after me through out, and ensuring I don’t do any back ground changes myself or heavy lifting. Being 6 ½ months pregnant is proving a bit hard leaning over babies on the beanbag and crouching / kneeing down to ensure I get that all important shot. But as I’m being told a lot lately the best thing to do is to keep moving whilst pregnant. (my husband thinks otherwise and gives out to me for doing too much lol :). As most ladies who have babies will know, we have our own central heating going on whilst pregnant and these hot days and a hot studio are proving to be the hardest factor in my job so far.

2nd time around pregnancy is definitely a lot more enjoyable than my first. I know what to expect even though I still worry about all the things mums worry about.  I have even taken up Pregnancy Yoga, which I absolutely love, It’s great to socialise with other mums-to-be and keep fit & active in a relaxed environment. The class is run by Amanda Rees from Yogabellies in Edgbaston I’ve known Amanda for a couple of years now and have taken photos of her classes in action.

I also started a keep fit class, even though I found it hard to take two evenings out a week with also having a 3 year old, I decided to swap the keep fit class for an early morning swim instead whilst Gracie is at pre-school. I didn’t do any keep fit or any other classes whilst pregnant the first time around and regretted it. The classes do help keep you active but is not too much exercise to hurt or cause pain whilst pregnant.

Gracie, my 3 year old daughter, has also been amazing during my pregnancy. I did worry she may be jealous of her little sister, she still maybe, but all I’ve seen so far from her is love and care. Every morning she asks me how her baby sister is and she leans over me to kiss my belly.  At first it took her a while to fully understand it all. The first day we told her about my pregnancy was when I was about 2 months gone, and every day for about 2 months after, she kept saying “when is my little brother or sister coming?” and “ Baby is taking a long time!” in a very bored and drone voice. I thought oh no why did we tell her so early on I have 7 more months of this J

But then she developed an imaginary baby in her tummy and copied everything I did, it was so cute. I thing she will be a brilliant big sister.

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