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Are your little ones like you?

Is your little one so like you that you can’t quite believe it?

Well, here I am, sitting poolside watching both my daughters training at their Swimming Club. Big one, tumble turning and little one freestyling with her fins on. It struck me that, whilst they are like me in many ways, they also differ in a great number. They also differ from each other but come from the same gene pool. Isn’t Mother Nature a weird and wonderful thing?

My Dad taught me to swim when I was about 5 even though he couldn’t swim himself. I viewed it as something he did to help me if I ever fell off a boat. It was not something I did for enjoyment. My husband is not a great swimmer either. How then is it that we have two daughters who just love it?

I hate anchovies and olives. Daughter one loves them but then so does her Dad. I love avocados as does daughter two. I adore mashed potato but both daughters refuse to eat it. We’re they born to like or dislike them or did they pick up something along the way? We share the same favourite colours but different shades of them.

I guess the biggest difference is that daughter two has a serious nut allergy when no-one else in the close or extended family has one. How did that get into our mix?

It’s one to ponder this one but I’d love to hear your views. How like you are your little ones?


Why practice yoga during pregnancy?

Some of you may know that I am training to be an ante-natal yoga teacher with the fabulous Yogabellies: trying to add another string to my bow and do all that I can to make pregnancy an enjoyable time for every lady and bump that I come across!

There are many, many benefits for mum and baby in doing yoga during pregnancy. However, it can be daunting if you have never done yoga before. For some tips from Cheryl MacDonald of Yogabellies about practising yoga during pregnancy see this great note on

Classes coming to central Birmingham soon!

Summer Maternity Dresses for a hot pregnancy!

We know that it is unlikely to last but it’s nice to dream that we have a long hot Summer ahead of us and that you are going to need lots of gorgeous Summer maternity dresses.

Heat and pregnancy don’t always go well together; swollen ankles, sweaty brows, etc. Not always the most attractive! However, it is lovely to be able to enjoy the long, hot days we do have as there may not be many of them. Don’t allow your pregnancy to stop you doing this. Here are a few tips to cool both you and your bump down:

1. always carry water with you and drink plenty of it or try a cold “mocktail” like this Pina Colada Smoothie: combine 6 ounces frozen coconut yoghurt, 1/2 a frozen banana, 1/2 of a 20-ounce can of crushed pineapple, and 1 cup milk; blend until smooth;

2. try to stay off your feet as much as possible;

3. relax with your feet up on a cushion at the end of the day;

4. even better, soak them in a bowl of cool water or a foot spa; and

5. dress is stretchy, breathable fabrics that are comfortable and move with you.

In need of inspiration for that perfect cooling Summer maternity dress?

Try these:


This lovely nautical dress tips a nod to carefree Summers spent down by the sea. It is shaped to flatter your bump and is made from soft, breathable cotton which is a great fabric for hot days.









This Butterfly dress will make you feel like a Grecian goddess! The dress shows the bits you are happy to show and covers up the bits you may want to keep to yourself. The maxi length and short sleeves are really cooling on hot days.




Enjoy the sun!

Pregnant at your wedding?

Ok, so social etiquette used to mean that it wasn’t the done thing to be pregnant at your wedding. Some even suggested that it wasn’t appropriate to have a pregnant bridesmaid. Luckily, times have changed. In acknowledgement of this, maternity wedding dress and maternity bridesmaid dress are now available in many beautiful designs and colours.

This made me think about wedding etiquette in general and how this may have changed. Here are a few ideas to help with your planning and reduce those sleepless nights worrying about whether or not you are going to offend Great Aunt Enid!

1. Do I have to invite everyone who invited me to their wedding?
It would be lovely to be able to return every invitation we receive but it isn’t always possible. You shouldn’t feel obliged to invite everyone but it would be nice to let the relevant people know or think about inviting them to the evening.
2. Can I organise my own Hen Night?
Feel free but make this clear to your Maid of Honour/best friends early doors. Knowing what is planned is always the best way if you are someone who doesn’t like surprises. You may also want to be sure that you cater for everyone in the party and you probably know the group better than anyone else.
3. Can I ask my bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses?
Yes, I think you can (and many of our clients do) provided that you make this clear at the outset and explain honestly that you are on a tight budget. It would be fair to give them a say in the type of dress. Whilst it should still fit in with your overall theme and colours, they are likely to be keen to have a dress that they can wear again. If you want ultimate control, you should probably pay for the dresses.
4. Do I have to walk down the aisle first?
Uk tradition would say so but traditions are there to be broken! What not send your bridesmaids down first leaving you to make an unexpected entrance?
5. What do I do about fussy eaters?
Do take dietary requirements I.e. allergies, religious beliefs into account when planning your menu. However, dislikes are not dietary requirements. You don’t have to take account of the fact that Uncle Bertie does not like chicken.
6. Should we send out a Guest List?
To seems to be a biggie these days. Many couples already have a home together before they marry so the days of needing to equip your house are long gone. Most people want to buy you a wedding gift so why not include a list with your invitations but make it clear that you certainly don’t expect a gift?

The list of changing etiquette is endless as traditions change all the time. Do what you and your other half are comfortable with. Use a little bit of common sense and you are unlikely to offend anyone. Most importantly, enjoy your special day!

Has Spring sprung for your bump?

There must have been loads of blog posts over the past couple of days about Spring. All it takes here in the Uk is for the sun to show her face for one day and we all get ourselves very excited!

Anyway, the daffodils have bloomed and everywhere I went today I saw lots and lots of bumps. It might be because they no longer have to be covered up in really thick coats or it might be that those Christmas as babies are starting to show. Whatever the reason, it was lovely to see ladies blooming along with the seasons.

As ever, I took a real interest in what those bumps were covered with. Generally, cardigans and jumpers but underneath these, I was really pleased to see that many ladies are really embracing their new shape and showing it off. We do seem to have moved away from the days when a lady was happy to wear an oversize shirt that covered as much as possible. Instead, the ladies I spotted today had opted for good quality, well fitting maternity t-shirts and tops that made it very clear that the bump they were carrying had a baby inside it. Many of these top had classic ruching down the side which looked really great with maternity jeans (the favoured option) and also denim maternity skirts (of which I spotted a couple).

I’d love to know what you wear at this time of year. Also, are you happy to show off your bump in fitted maternity clothing?


How to Beat Morning Sickness Naturally


Pregnancy is a special time in every woman’s life. As a new life grows inside, each woman’s body reacts differently; however, there is at least, one common symptom of almost all pregnancies, the dreaded morning sickness. This nausea that women feel during the early stages of pregnancy is caused by a combination of elevated oestrogen levels, an increased sense of smell, and low blood sugar.

The severity of nausea associated with morning sickness varies from woman to woman. For some women the sensation is very mild and for others it can cause vomiting and upper-intestinal discomfort.

Regardless of the severity, one thing is for sure, no woman looks forward to the prospect of experiencing morning sickness during pregnancy. While there are prescription and over-the-counter antiemetic medicine, more and more mothers are turning to natural solutions.

Fortunately, there are several tricks for easing morning sickness that are natural and safe for both mother and bump.


Chew Crystallised Ginger

Ginger is a powerful herb. It is gentle and safe, yet it is one of the most effective supplements for reducing nausea and improving digestion. Crystallised ginger can be purchased either online or from a local natural food store, try to avoid buying crystallised ginger in the spice section of your supermarket. When purchased as a kitchen spice, crystallised ginger is usually sold in small quantities at much higher prices.


Get Rest and Relaxation


Getting plenty of rest is important for many reasons, but avoiding morning sickness is near the top of the list during the early stages of pregnancy. Get at least eight hours of sleep every night, and take your time waking up in the morning. Getting out of bed and having an abrupt start to your day can exacerbate morning sickness.


Try Reducing Portions

When your nausea has passed, or on mornings when it’s mysteriously absent, you may be tempted to pig out to make up for all the meals that you’ve missed out on during bouts of nausea. Don’t give in to this temptation. Overeating can trigger morning sickness and can bring on mild nausea.


The best eating strategy during morning sickness is to eat small meals with high nutritional value. Keeping a small amount of food in your stomach at all times will reduce, and sometimes eliminate, morning sickness symptoms.

Take a Screen Break

Computer and television screens have a high-rate flicker that isn’t distinguishable by the human eye. Although this flicker isn’t visible, it can still impact your symptoms and increase your nausea.

Take a break from your various screens for a while. Put them to sleep an hour or two before you head to bed, and try to take frequent breaks from them during the day.



Stay Hydrated

Maintaining a consistent fluid intake routine is just as important as keeping food in your stomach. Drink a glass of water when you first wake up and continue to sip on fluids throughout the rest of the day.




As your pregnancy progresses, use these tips to keep nausea at bay and focus on showing off your new motherly glow. Before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful new baby to swaddle, and you’ll forget all about the discomforts of pregnancy.

My pregnancy boobs are massive and nothing fits!

It’s a common problem. Our boobs, bangers or whatever we call them take on a life of their own during pregnancy. Some stay the same size until the third trimester. Others just grow from day one and don’t seem to ever stop. Then when you think you might have a chance of getting back into your old clothes you start breastfeeding and they just get huge!

Many of my clients arrive despairing at ever finding a maternity dress to even fit their new boobies let alone one that they will feel great in. Fear not, we are well ahead of you on this one. Maternity designers used to cover the beauties in a huge smock dress which certainly gave coverage but gave absolutely nothing to style (think Big Daddy in his wrestling cape!). Fortunately, sense prevailed and ladies took control of the issue by designing their own maternity dresses that embraced the cleavage whilst at all times maintaining the decency and respectability of ladies in such a delicate condition!

The classic v shape plunging neckline is still a big favourite. These maternity dresses usually have wide straps which allow you to wear a really supportive bra underneath. I would never recommend going braless during your pregnancy. It’s not good for your back or your boobs and it won’t flatter your shape.

Go for a fabric that has some give in it. Most maternity dresses are made of fabrics that contain elastane. This allows the fabric to stretch as you grow but ensures that the dress retains its shape. More restrictive fabrics shouldn’t be ruled out as they will give you a great shape but you must make sure that you are comfortable in them.

Some ladies are self-conscious about their new, bigger bust and don’t always see this as better. If this is you, why not think about a high neckline maternity dress and accessorise this with an eye catching belt? This will provide you with full coverage and the belt will draw the eye away from your bust. Go for a maternity dress as this will show off your bump and your pregnancy. Don’t go for anything too huge or with too much fabric as this will make you look even bigger than you really are.

If you are able, embrace thoses beauties as you probably won’t have them for long. I am now two cup sizes smaller than I was pre baby number 1!

That elusive maternity office dress . . .

We all like to look smart for work. For many of us, it is really important that we both look and feel the part when we walk into that important meeting. Planning what to wear sits alongside planning the right agenda. Being pregnant doesn’t change this so why are maternity office dresses so hard to find?

Most if us have a favourite business suit. The one that we feel our most confident in. The one that we wear to meetings when we really need to get our point across. The one that makes us look and feel almost as if we can take on the world!.

Business suits tend to stick to classic styles with simple lines that have an elegant shape. This doesn’t have to alter during your pregnancy. A well designed maternity office dress ticks all the same boxes. The only difference is that the classic line looks a little bit different around the middle as the cut has to alter to take account of your bump. The lines are still simple. The fabrics and colours can stay the same. You will still look smart and elegant and feel just as confident.

I know from my own experience of working in an office throughout both my pregnancies that staying smart is really important. That is why I made it my mission to source smart and elegant maternity office dresses and make them available here in the UK. I want you to stay confident at work throughout your pregnancy. Our dresses are based on the classic shift dress with details such as tailoring to flatter your new shape and belts sitting just above your bump to give an elegant shape.


You can still knock their socks off in that Important meeting and wow your colleagues with your pregnancy style!

Please do tell me what you’re missing in your work wardrobe since you became pregnant and I will see what I can do.

I’m in love with Pregnant Chicken!

I am an avid reader of real blogs by real women giving their accounts of pregnancy and motherhood. I particularly love the ones that give a tongue in cheek view life and don’t take themselves too seriously.

A couple of weeks ago I came across Pregnant Chicken via a friend’s link on Facebook. I was hooked from the first blog entry I read. Written by Amy Morrison is based in Toronto, Pregnant Chicken is not for a feint hearted or those who may be a little squeamish but I have laughed out loud at her blog and even cried at one point when she described in graphic detail the things that you are just NOT told during your pregnancy.

Here are some facts about Amy which may give you an idea of the nature of her brilliants blogs:

  • Her most favourite sound in the world is the sound of her kids chewing.
  • She addresses her children as Bug, Bear, Bobby Buttons, Mr Bojanggles, Buddy, Baboo and Snicky Snake and rarely by their names.
  • She wishes she could speak Chinese and play banjo. Nothing would be cooler than to scream “ni hao” then launch into a blue grass lick.
  • If she’s going to be eating dinner alone she can almost guarantee she’ll have spaghetti.
  • She keeps the pictures people send her in Christmas cards.
  • Her eldest was diagnosed with moderate autism when he was three.
  • She has never left fries on her plate.

I urge you to take a read but you may need to look away at times!

Here are a couple of my favourite entries:

Please do let me know what you think and share this blog with your friends.

PS. I don’t know Amy or anyone connected with her but came across her blog and just loved its honest view on life!

We’re winning awards for our maternity dresses!

The London Baby Directory has spent 17 years scouring London and the internet (that’s where we come in!) looking for the very best products that make life easier for a parent or parent-to-be. They don’t base the Awards on companies providing products to be judged but base them instead on real experience.

I was really delighted when they chose Bumpalicious Maternity as the winner of the Maternity Wear category. I like to think that a couple of factors towards our selection were the quality of our maternity dresses and the fact that we really do care that our customers feel wonderful in any piece they buy from us. A little bit of love and attention really does go along way, especially when you are pregnant and may not always feel at your best.

Thank you to the Baby Directory for choosing us as a “bespoke maternity shopping destination that provides hand-picked, gorgeous maternity clothing”.