Date Nights During Pregnancy

It’s hard enough for most of us to fit in a Date Night at the best of times but during your pregnancy, this can become even harder. We all know that they are great for keeping your relationship exciting and actually spending quality time with your partner where you can talk about things without interruption (vital if you already have children). Here are a few ideas that might inspire:

1 – A homemade crossword puzzle night. Create a customised crossword puzzle for your partner about all the things you love about them or all the things you have shared. Tru using this site to create the puzzle: Enjoy laughing as he tries to work out the answers.

2 – Holiday at home. Pick a dream destination that you would like to travel to with your partner and create a whole evening around it. Cook the food, wear the clothes and live the dream.

3 – Have dinner in the garden, patio, or your front lawn.

4 – Re-watch the first movie you watched together.

5 – Have a theme night. You must dress, eat dinner, and watch a movie with the same theme. Think ‘Western’ and dress like a cowgirl, eat bar-b-que, and watch Tombstone. Think ‘Frozen’ and eat nothing but ice cream!

6 – Put a blanket down and picnic in front of the TV.

7 – Make a special dessert to indulge in. Bake chocolate chip cookies and right when you get them out of the oven put vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce on top. Make the biggest banana split ever!

8 – Take a shower and get dressed up to go out, but stay in.

9 – Wear your old bikini that you would never wear in public again because your stretch marks glisten too brightly in the sunlight! Ha. Your husband won’t care and will love you in it.

10 – Break out the board games. Play it so that the loser has to do the dishes or even a fun strip version.

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