Celebrity pregnancies!

One month in and hopefully you’re sharing our feeling that Spring is well underway: the flowers are out, the sun is making more than just a guest appearance and there’s a new energy in the air. Best of all, being pregnant is bang on trend thanks to news that Jools Oliver is pregnant with her fifth baby (fifth!), while Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and his model wife Behati Prinsloo are expecting their first child.

Announcing “we’re pregnant” is a big deal however well-known you are, but when you are famous it’s definitely a “thing.” Social media seems to be the preferred route for celeb announcements with Levine posting a picture of Behati-in-bikini-with-bump, on Instagram.  We suspect Behati will be hoping Levine junior hasn’t got the “Moves Like Jagger” – until it’s born at any rate.

So what are the chances that Jools and Behati will opt for a 3D-printed cast of their foetus? According to Channel Mum, this is the latest emerging trend, with creations – taken from ultrasound scans – costing around £170 for a small head and shoulders cast to approximately £400 for the complete baby. The models can then potentially be used to announce the baby’s sex to friends and families at US-style “gender reveal parties.” Our view? Well a 3D printed foetal cast is certainly a pregnancy keepsake with a difference although would you really put it on display in your living room?

Anyone who think a 3D foetal cast is a step too far could opt instead for a My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear kit. These feature a recorder which allows users to record their unborn baby’s heartbeat at the ultrasound scan and then insert the recorder into a specially designed stuffed animal. To listen to the heartbeat, you simply press on the animal. The Heartbeat bear is just one of a number of products allowing parents-to-be to record the sounds as well as the images of their unborn baby.  We can definitely see the attraction of this particular concept.

So moving from in-utero innovations to ideas for when baby is born – remember those stories from the olden days of poor families who couldn’t afford cots putting their babies to sleep in drawers? Clearly this isn’t likely to be a problem for the Levine or Oliver families. However, they may be as seduced as we were by the Baby Box a sort of trousseau or starter kit for new babies containing baby clothes, organic burp cloths, mittens and teethers. If this wasn’t cute enough, the cardboard box comes with a fitted mattress and is especially designed to be safe for newborns to sleep in. The idea originated in Finland, where baby boxes have been in existence for over 70 years, a tradition which has apparently contributed to Finland’s low infant mortality rate. As well as being available to buy, we love the fact that The Baby Box Company is working with hospitals and non-profits to distribute boxes free to families in need.


That’s all for now, enjoy this glorious weather and bloom with pride!

Take care!

Amanda x