Maternity Dresses for Larger Busts!

Gorgeous, blooming, blossoming, bursting, just generally growing out of all proportion; what does happen to our boobs when we’re pregnant?

The most common query I get is whether a particular dress will fit an ever growing bust. Often, these beauties have grown more quickly and are bigger than the baby bump. It is a problem experienced by many pregnant ladies. You are not alone!

I recently met with two sisters who were looking for bridesmaid dresses for their other sister’s wedding. One was very petite with a small bust. The other had a fabulous pair of bosoms of which my little B cups were quite jealous! It was not easy to find a dress that suited both ladies and also looked glamorous. We also needed to make sure that it did not draw attention to the bust area.

In the end, our own maxi dress camp up trumps. It looked really great on both of them.

Its high boat neck suited both a smaller and larger bust and drew attention away from the chest area. The simple lines of the dress hung elegantly over both bumps and made the dress really easy to accessorise for the wedding day. All in all, a big thumbs up from both ladies and the bride.

If you are trying to dress larger pregnant boobs, here are some top tips for buying a maternity dress suited to the larger bust:

  1. Long, high boat neck dresses create a vertical line at the neck that draws the eye away from the chest and help to conceal the bust area. They also show the collarbones which are pretty things to show off.
  2. Wrap-effect dresses help to create shape and differentiate between your bump and your bust.
  3. Go for dresses with v-necks rather than round necks as these are much more flattering. If necessary wear with a soft vest top or camisole underneath.
  4. A well-fitted maternity bra does wonders. It will provide you with the optimum support during your pregnancy and help ensure the healthy functioning of your milk glands. A good quality maternity bra can be worn throughout your pregnancy and during breastfeeding.
  5. Avoid wearing tent-like maternity dresses. They accentuate the size of your breasts and you’ll end up looking big all over. Try more fitted clothing with simple ruching or gathering on the sides.
  6. Stay away from fussy, over-decorative clothing. Avoid bows or too much pleating.
  7. A three-quarter length sleeve is perfect; this length tapers down to your wrists and hands, drawing the eyes away from your chest. Slim-fitting sleeves create a sleek appearance, while loose-fitting sleeves accentuate your profile, making you look wider than you are, particularly in the bust region.
  8. Try accessorizing with fabulous earrings to draw the eye up and away from the bust. You may want to remove these once your little one starts reaching for things!


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